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The Importance of Proper Nutrition


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If you’re wondering why proper nutrition is important, the answer is simple: you are what you eat.

Following a nutritious diet is important when it comes to maintaining proper bodily functions and health. From repairing body tissues and cells to encouraging chemical processes like digestion, food fuels our bodies with the nutrients that we need to perform different functions and grow.

Here we will discuss the importance of proper nutrition for the body.

Essential Nutrients and Their Functions

Carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals, are all essential nutrients that the body needs but cannot synthesize on its own. These nutrients are provided by the food we consume and they all play important roles in allowing the body to function properly. Carbohydrates, for instance, provide the body with the energy it needs to operate throughout the day, while protein is broken down into amino acids that are needed for body tissue and muscle repair. Carbohydrate and amino acids are therefore especially important for individuals who exercise on a regular basis.

Minerals play an important role in many body functions, therefore it is important. that you eat a balanced diet that will provide your body with all the essential nutrients that it needs. Calcium is important for maintaining healthy teeth and bones while sodium helps to balance fluids around the body’s cells and support their function. Potassium, on the other hand, maintains fluids both inside and outside the body’s cells to encourage normal blood sugar level.

Contrary to what many people believe, fat is also an essential nutrient that is important to the body. For starters it’s one of the body’s main sources of energy. It also works to enhance the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Fats also help to lubricate your muscles, making it much easier for you to engage in physical activities.

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Proper Nutrition is Important for Your Emotional and Mental Health

As much as the food you consume contributes to your body weight, it can also have a significant effect on your overall mental well being. In fact, recent research has linked the average diet enjoyed by most westerners (packed with sugary processed foods) to conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress and even bipolar disorder. Eating foods rich in the right nutrients may also help to prevent mental disorders like ADHD and may also limit thoughts of suicide.

Keep in mind to eat less prepared and restaurant food in order to reduce your sugar intake and improve your nutritional status. Consuming fresh foods rich in essential nutrients within a balanced diet will help to improve your health and limit your chances of becoming overweight or developing a mental health disorder.

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