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Could Nutritionist Toronto Counselling Help You To Improve Your Health?

by Nutritionist Toronto


Living a healthy lifestyle is essential if you want to look beautiful, feel great, and enjoy your life.


The problem is that with so many nutritional supplements and dietary plans to choose from, making the right nutritional decisions to promote proper health can be overwhelming.

Like many people you’ve probably been deceived by the “Cure All” tagline that many of these diet plans and nutritional supplements use. While some of these diets may be a temporary fix, for long term health benefits you’ll need to consider your biochemistry and overall lifestyle. This is where nutritional counseling by qualified nutritionists comes in.

Our nutritionists in Toronto will give you a general dietary guideline of what to eat depending on your health conditions and goals. In some cases, a restrictive diet may be necessary, however we do not believe in this dietary approach for the long term. Rarely will we instruct you on details as to what to eat in each meal because eating food should be a pleasure. Most often, any dietary approach that treats foods as a fuel for the body like gasoline for a car will eventually fail. Recommendations may include diet suggestions and nutrition supplementation, if necessary.

Nutrition counselling sessions by dietitians or Toronto nutritionists can be expensive. While you can put no price tag on your health, you can always contact your insurance company and try to limit the out-of-pocket cost. Overall nutritional counselling is a cost effective investment that can give you the resources you need to improve your health and, in most cases, you will still be able to enjoy your guilty pleasure foods. 

Nutrition consultation session at the Pacific Wellness Institute in Toronto is provided by various licensed healthcare professionals. Employee benefits may cover the fee for nutritional counseling session. Please see the information provided below.


What Is Nutritional Counselling?

Nutritional Counselling is the process by which a trained Toronto nutritionist, dietitian, or other health care professional provides individuals with the educational material, support, and strategies that they need to implement in their diets and promote proper health.


Should You Consider A Nutrition Consult?

If you’re interested in improving your health by practicing proper nutrition, seeing a nutritionist or dietitian can be helpful. Whether you’re looking for a healthy meal plan, nutritious recipes or a way to reduce the effects of an existing medical condition, getting an expert’s advice specific to your personal situation can be extremely beneficial. While anyone can benefit from consulting with a nutritionist Toronto, individuals with certain health conditions can benefit more. Your healthcare practitioner may advise you if you’re in urgent need of the help of a nutritionist or dietitian. Some conditions that may require you to adjust your diet include: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and even pregnancy.

Nutritional counselling can also be helpful for promoting healthier eating habits for people with mental health disorders and chemical dependencies.


What Should You Expect from Nutritionist Toronto

Our nutritionist at the Pacific Wellness Institute, Toronto will work closely with you to assess your eating habits and point out any weaknesses and areas that need improvement. In most cases, the nutritionist will start by asking the client a few questions by using one of two methods:

  • A 24-hour call method in which the nutritionist makes a note of all the food items that you consume in a 24 hour time period.
  • A diet questionnaire is used to find out how often you consume certain foods over a specific time frame.

Next the nutritionist may assess your body weight, height, body mass index (BMI) and body composition in order to determine if you are underweight or overweight.

After the Toronto nutritionist has gathered all the information that they need, they will then be able to point out the areas of your current diet that require modification and make necessary recommendations. This may involve for instance, small changes such as switching from whole milk to soy milk; or replacing high fat meat with lean meat.

Your nutritional counsellor should also prepare you for any barriers that may interrupt your new diet plan.  This can include your personal preferences, social gatherings, and the costs of certain food items (in which case he/she should be able to help you identify more affordable choices).

Nutrition and herbal supplements may also be recommended. Although a vast majority of essential nutrients should be acquired by eating foods, very few people can obtain sufficient amounts of nutrients through the meals alone, due to a complex lifestyle and environmental restrictions. It should be also noted that when your internal organic system is under stress, your ability to absorb and utilize nutrients from foods is compromised. Thus, highly absorbable nutritional supplementation can be beneficial.



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Clinical Nutritional Counseling

Clinical nutrition counseling as a part of naturopathic services involves a thorough assessment and evaluation of your current diet and lifestyle. By doing so, obstacles to cure can be identified (allergens, inflammatory foods, foods that may exacerbate disease). Clinical nutrition counseling will provide you with tools to improve your overall health and work towards long-term wellness. Read more…

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Nutrition counseling services are covered by most employee benefits.

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