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New year number 2016 and starfishes on the beach

May the theme of 2016 become Freedom of Creativity.

You are here to create and explore yourself without “Resolutions”.

Whatever you have created in the past was perfect in the past and there is no need to change it.  Instead of focusing on changing, redirect your thinking towards creating.

Love ignites creative forces, dreams and visions.  Create your new reality with the loving acceptance of your essence and unconditional trust in life.   Invite the forces of imagination and create sacred space at the heart of your life.

May 2016 become expansive and joyful like no other year you remember.  Awake to the pulse of creation and invent your new reality.  Be inspired and act on your inspiration.

All of us at Pacific Wellness are excited about the new opportunities in assisting you in re-awakening your creative forces and unleashing your body’s potentials.

 We Wish You Best of Health and Happiness in 2016!