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Join our naturopathic doctor for a 10 day detox program

10 Day Detox Program

October Special – Limited Spots Available

Who Can Benefit from a Detox?

  • Coffee Junkies
  • Food addicts
  • Constipated
  • Weight loss patients
  • Stressed and overworked
  • Run Down and Fatigued
  • Feeling ‘off’ because of recent sedentary habits
  • Having PMS
  • Dealing with Food sensitivities/Allergies
  • Having liver over-burdened by alcohol or chemicals
  • Fighting smoking addiction
  • Wanting to reduce acne and improve Skin condition

Top Five Reasons to Support Your Liver

Join Me

This is the reason why I created the detox program at the Pacific Wellness Institute. I see too many people that simply just need a reset in life. That reset can bring about a good habit setting and improved energy to get you through to the Christmas holidays. With 10 short days, you can press that reset button with me and create a better version of you in time for the holidays!

This is a two week commitment starting with your initial visit, during which we will make sure that you are fit and eligible for a detox. This is especially true if you are on any medications, supplements or having a pre-existing health condition.  We will also get you all prepared and ready to start and provide you with your detoxification kit. During the 10 days, you will get a 15 minute check-in to answer your questions and help you stay on track. We will have a 30 minute wrap up after the detox is done to reassess your health and address the left-over symptoms from prior to your detox program (if there are any!).

Hurry and sign up! Spots are limited to 10 people! With the detox program, you save 60 dollars on the kit and save 40 dollars on your initial visit. The down payment for the detox program is $102 CA. Call the Pacific Wellness Institute today at 416.929.6958 or email us at for more information.

I look forward to meeting you,

Dr. Wendy Zhou, Naturopathic Doctor

The naturopathic services are covered by most employee benefits. Direct insurance billing available!

Naturopathic Services Will Be Provided by Dr. Wendy Zhou

Dr. Wendy Zhou, Naturopath ToontoGreat News for naturopathic patients at Pacific Wellness!

Dr. Wendy Zhou, ND has joined our professional team and will be providing naturopathic services to existing and new patients. She has experience treating stress-related illnesses, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, and autoimmune diseases. She also welcomes cancer patients for naturopathic adjunctive cancer care consultations.

She is available for appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Pacific Wellness Welcomes a Chiropractor from France

We are happy to inform you that an experienced chiropractor from France has joined Pacific Wellness.

We would like to welcome Dr. Antoine Barrier, DC, who will be providing chiropractic care in our clinic on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. (Dr. Ron Green is available on Mondays).

Dr. Barrier is available to existing patients for follow up visits and he also welcomes new patients for assessments and treatments.