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Here are some tips that will help you reduce treatment cost and save money.

Claim with your tax return: Treatment fees can be deductible from income tax returns.*  You can request a receipt detailing all of your treatments that occurred in the year.


Enroll in our Special Care Programs: These programs are designed to decrease the treatment cost for clients who need several treatments.**


Update Your Profile: Be sure to be on our e-mail list to receive promotional offers. The link for updating your profile can be found at the bottom of the Wellness Quarterly email You can also sign up or update your profile here.


Participate in Our Client Satisfaction Surveys: If you accept an invitation to participate in our survey you will be rewarded with a discount coupon for your time spent providing feedback.***


Refer Your Friends and Families: Every time you recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to us, we will e-mail you a $10 gift certificate for each referral to express our appreciation.  We also provide a special discount (or credit) for your friends to acknowledge your referral. ***

* Each tax situation may vary. Check with your accountant.

** Inquire at the front desk for details

*** Offers may change without notice.