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New CD Release! Breathing for Relaxation

New CD Release! Breathing for Relaxation

We are pleased to inform you that a new CD designed by Tim Tanaka, Ph.D. has just been released. The CD, Breathing for Relaxation, contains voice cues to establish ideal breathing rhythms, as well as nature sounds and relaxing music by acclaimed Canadian musician George Koller. Just like the previous CD, Calming Massage, it is designed to encourage proper breathing and proactively trains the modulation function of the nervous system.

Over the years, our acupuncturist has been incorporating HRV Biofeedback based breathing technique with classical acupuncture at the Pacific Wellness. This innovative approach has been successfully presented at international medical conferences in the US, Hungary, Japan, and China. Breathing for Relaxation and Calming Massage CDs are available through music retailers such as Amazon. For further information about the CD, please contact The Pacific Wellness Institute.

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