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Musculo-Skeletal Owner’s Manual – One Body For Life


By Dr. Ron Green, DC


Good and Poor Load Bearing Position

Your body has a few things in common with your car. Like a car, your body was designed as a means of transportation.

We can think of the spine as the chassis or carriage and the hips and shoulders as the wheels. The spine should remain in a neutral and stiff position, hence the need to have strong ‘core’ muscles, and the hips and shoulders should be flexible and strong through its entire range of motion. Finally, like cars, we need repairs, alignment adjustments and maintenance in order to prevent bigger problems.

Unlike cars, we get around in the upright position (unless you are swimming) and our spines are designed to better deal with compression loads than shearing loads. When in good posture, we experience mostly compression stress, and when in bad posture, we incur more shearing stress on our spinal joints, tendons and ligaments. This occurs in both static and dynamic postures.

Essentially, bad posture equates to banging in a bent nail.


Weak core muscles along with sitting or standing for long periods of time causes our intrinsic spinal muscles to ‘turn off’ and become de-conditioned! The intrinsic spinal muscles are the small muscles that run alongside the spine, with names like rotatores and multifidus. If these muscle are not in good condition, then they do not do their job of holding the vertebrae, of your spine, in place. The vertebrae then become ‘loose’ which makes them more vulnerable to injury and more likely to go out of place… ‘I just bent over to pick up a kleenex from the floor and my back went out!’. Further, over time, the body will attempt to stabilize these vertebrae by laying down more bone which equates to early spinal degeneration.

Under skilled hands, chiropractic is great at re-aligning the vertebrae, however, core and spinal exercise is required to keep them in alignment. When you acquire and maintain the state of spinal stability (strength and alignment) along with good hip and shoulder mobility, you become injury-proof.

So, get your alignment checked out sooner than later and acquire the almost daily habit of maintaining strong core and intrinsic spinal muscles along with good hip and shoulder mobility.

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