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The “Hottest” Beverage this Winter

Hot Ginger AleThis winter, Coca-Cola is selling a heated carbonated drink, Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale in Japan.  A large Japanese beverage company, Kirin, is also adding heated carbonated drinks to their product line-up.

Warm Foods and Drinks are Good for You

In Japanese Kampo and classical Chinese medicinal teachings, it is believed that the digestive tract should always be kept warm. Over consumption of cold foods and drinks is generally discouraged, not only for individuals with a cold type body constitution, but also for those who exhibit heat.

For instance, in China, vegetables are almost never served raw (such as salads), because they tend to cool down our digestive tracts. Beer is normally served at room temperature unless you are in tourist populated regions.  However, I do not know if it is purely for health reasons or partially due to economics.  Nevertheless, many older Asian generations tend to avoid raw foods and cold drinks including cold water, based on commonly held traditional health beliefs.

It should be noted that besides considering the serving temperature, it is also important to keep in mind the thermal nature of foods.  Some foods have cold or hot characteristics by nature, regardless of their serving temperature. It is beneficial to your health to consume foods based on your body constitution type when considering your diet. For more information regarding the thermal nature of foods, please visit:



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