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Healthy Weight Management Begins With Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA)

One of the most convenient and reliable ways to determine body composition is with Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA). Most diets measure success solely by the number of pounds lost. But unlike scale weight, BIA reveals the overall health of a person, as well as the proportion and amount of fat and lean tissue. It can be effectively used to indicate how much muscle and fat is being lost or gained as a result of physical or dietary changes.

The BIA Procedure – Fast and Simple

The BIA procedure is a simple, non-invasive test, completed in just a few minutes. An electrode is attached to the surface of your hand and foot, and you do not feel a thing. Our research grade BIA equipment is used by major hospitals and university facilities. It provides an accurate estimation of fat and lean mass percentage, as well as other important bio-markers of health.

At the Pacific Wellness Institute in Toronto, We use the latest technology to determine an accurate picture of your health, based on more than just general weight alone. Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a measure of your body composition and reflects your overall health. BIA estimates the percentage of lean muscle tissue in your body and other essential biological markers of health. Contact The Pacific Wellness Institute today!

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Low Calorie Diets: 3 Reasons Why You may Lose A Lot More Than Just Weight

1. Self-deprivation is no fun
Many ‘weight loss’ diets require you to sacrifice physical comfort, make you feel constantly hungry and emotionally deprive you by not allowing you to enjoy the foods you love. The result is often only temporary weight loss, as most of us soon resume our old eating and activity patterns.

2. Bodies weren’t meant to starve
When you go on a very low-calorie diet, your body thinks you are starving. It reacts by slowing down your metabolism and storing fat more efficiently. It is one of our innate defence mechanisms for survival. Even when you stop dieting, your metabolism remains slow. So, while you may be eating less than before, slower and less efficient metabolism can cause you to gain weight back even faster.

3. Many diets reduce caloric intake to dangerously low levels
A common misconception is that you lose weight when you consume fewer calories than you burn. But when you take in fewer calories than your body needs to survive, your body has to break down muscle tissue to provide the needed energy. The negative effects soon begin to snowball. When you eventually gain back the weight, it is all fat and not muscle, causing your metabolism to slow down even more. Now you have extra weight, a less healthy body composition, and a less attractive physique. Even diet and exercise plans that were once temporarily successful will no longer be effective.

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