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Our Acupuncturist Presented His Paper at JSOM Meeting in Sapporo, Japan



Our chief acupuncturist, Tim Tanaka, Ph.D., Presented His Paper at Japan Society of Oriental Medicine Meeting in Sapporo, Japan, in June 2011.[1] His speech on Traditional East Asian Diagnostics was well received by its audience consisting of medical doctors, pharmacists and Oriental medicine practitioners.New and Upcoming Publications

In June, 2011, moxibustion research paper, co-Authored by our chief acupuncturist, Tim Tanaka, Ph.D.,has been published in the Journal Acupuncture in Medicine of BMJ Publications.[2] His group is currently working on another project to elucidate an effectiveness of moxibustion.

Our chief acupuncturist, Tim Tanaka, Ph.D. has been also working on the 2nd edition of Massage and Shiatsu textbook . The first edition of the book has been widely used in massage schools in Japan and other countries.

[1] Tanaka TH.: Within Subject Variability in Tongue Sublingual Vein Morphology and Color Characteristics. 62th Annual Meeting Of the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine, Sapporo, Japan, June 2011
[2] Mori H, Kuge H, Tanaka TH, et al. Is there a difference between the effects of single and triple indirect moxibustion stimulations on skin temperature changes of the posterior trunk surface? Acupunct Med. 2011;Jun;29(2):116-21.