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Our Acupuncturist at The ICMART 2011 World Congress


Our acupuncturist, Tim H. Tanaka, Ph.D., Presented His Paper at The ICMART 2011 World Congress on Medical Acupuncture: The State of the Art of Acupuncture in Integrative MedicineThe congress was held on May 13-15, in Hague, Netherlands. This was his second presentation in Hague since the fall of last year, when he participated in The 7th World Congress of Chinese Medicine. 


2 thoughts on “Our Acupuncturist at The ICMART 2011 World Congress

  1. Susan Stewart

    Hello Dr Tanaka (and Claudia),
    What was the title of your paper? Is it on the web-site somewhere?
    All the best,
    Sue Stewart

  2. Pacific Wellness Post author

    Hello Susan,

    Thank you for your comment and our apology for the delayed response (we were having many spam comments).

    The title of the paper is: “Tongue Examination of Sublingual Veins: Intrasubject Variability in Four Diagnostic Parameters”

    We wish you all the best,


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