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Our Acupuncturist’s Presentations in Holland

Our Acupuncturist, Tim Tanaka, Ph.D., Presented His Paper at The 7th World Congress of Chinese Medicine in the Netherlands

The congress was held at the World Forum Convention Center in Hague on Oct 1-2nd. The theme was “The Clinical Practice and Scientific Research of Chinese Medicine”. Treatment of infertility and Anti-Aging were among the main topics discussed in this international meeting. During the congress, he presented his paper on traditional East Asian medicine diagnostics.

Tanaka, TH. Standardization of Sublingual Tongue Diagnosis, Proceedings of 7th World Congress on Chinese medicine, 2010, P203

7th World Congress of Chinese Medicine opens in Netherlands

Singapore, Oct 4, 2010:

The seventh World Congress of Chinese Medicine (WCCM) started on Friday, Oct 1st, with more than 800 experts and professionals from dozens of countries, focusing on its clinical progress and global spread. It was a two-day event that concluded on Oct 2nd. The theme of the two-day congress was “the clinical practice, scientific research and new medicine and cure development of Chinese medicine”.

There is a growing interest in Chinese medicine in the world, especially in European countries. Acupuncture in the Netherlands is increasingly being accepted as a complementary medicine, in addition to regular medicine.

The standardization of Chinese medicine was another focus of this congress. Presentations and lectures on “Technical requirement for registration of Chinese medicine in EU” and “Quality control of Chinese medicine”, attracted hundreds.

The Annual World Congress of Chinese Medicine was a global event for Chinese medicine. Since it’s establishment in 2003, this event has attracted hundreds of experts and scholars worldwide. The next congress will be held in London in 2011.