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FAQ – Do You Have Other Locations?

This is one of the most frequent inquiries, mainly from our clients who would like their out of town friends and relatives to experience the same kind of relief and success they obtained at the Pacific Wellness.

We believe that in order to maintain the highest quality service, it is important to stay focused on only one – we have only one location at Bay and Bloor.

For over twenty years, we have been privileged to serve our local community. However, many of our patients are not only from our neighborhood, but come from very far. We would like to take this opportunity to specially thank many of you who have been commuting extra miles to receive our services. We have been also very honoured to serve many out of town and international guests over the years.

Whatever the reason, if it is difficult for your friends or relatives to come to our clinic in Toronto, they can utilize the following resources and tips to find a practitioner in their area:

For Massage Therapist:

For Shiatsu Therapist:

For Reflexologist:

For Acupuncturist: