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Barbara Adach, R.Ac, Registered Acupuncturist, Ontario


Barbara Adach, R.AC, Acupuncturist I am a fully Registered Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturists of Ontario. 

After finding acupuncture and herbal medicine incredibly helpful for my own health challenges, I began asking questions of my practitioners about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Their generous sharing of information lead me to read TCM books and then to enrol in Toronto’s Institute of Traditional Medicine.  There I earned a Diploma in Acupuncture, learning basic and advanced techniques to treat a wide variety of maladies including pain, stress, insomnia and poor digestion.  Since graduating, I have attended many continuing education courses taught by local and international practitioners. 

What I love most of all about acupuncture is its ability to effectively resolve the root cause of illness. Japanese acupuncture, in particular, is quite gentle in accomplishing this goal.  This beautiful ancient art and science fits well with modern Western medicine as research continues to illuminate how acupuncture works and what illnesses it can be most appropriately applied to. 

For several years, I have been teaching a course in TCM Nutrition.  It is a subject I continue to be fascinated with.  I also apply my love of Traditional Chinese Medicine to editing TCM papers and books. 

In my spare time, I am pleased to be part of a team of volunteer acupuncturists who treat clients of a local social service organization.  I also am a member of, and volunteer with, a TCM and Acupuncture professional association. 

While this is quite a change from my previous career in Quality Control in the pharmaceutical industry, the strong link that exists for me is the patient.  Acupuncture is another way to help a patient to their best possible health and I am pleased to be able to provide that service as a member of the Pacific Wellness Institute’s professional team. 


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