Pacific Wellness Institute Clinic: Bloor-Yorkville Toronto

Acupuncture Costs and Treatment Fees


Here at the Pacific Wellness, we are committed to delivering high quality care while making our services affordable to most people.

  • Acupuncture treatments are covered by many employee benefits. Please check with your insurance agent.
  • Most of our services and products are income tax deductable. Please check with your accountant.

For all inquiries regarding payments, please call or email us.  Our front desk staff will be happy to assist you. 

Important Note:

Acupuncture Procedures are not Standardized in Ontario.

It is important for consumers to be aware that currently, acupuncture services have been delivered in a wide variety of formats in Ontario.  

For example, some practitioners stick a few needles into an area of pain or discomfort only.  They may also hook-up needles with an electro-stimulator for several minutes.  Some traditionally trained acupuncturists, on the other hand, target both symptomatic and root causes of illness by following the way acupuncture has been practiced over the many years in countries such as China and Japan.  

Patient’s treatment experience and expected benefits can vary, depending on the treatment approach. It is each consumer’s choice to decide what kind of acupuncture they would like to receive, but we wanted to inform you briefly regarding different acupuncture styles available in Ontario. 

Information regarding acupuncture treatment at Pacific Wellness can be found here.