Pacific Wellness Institute Clinic: Bloor-Yorkville Toronto

The Pacific Wellness Institute

We offer alternative medicine treatments, including: acupuncture, shiatsu, massage therapy, herbal medicine, naturopathy, reflexology, biofeedback, nutrition consultation, weight-loss programs, back pain treatments, chiropractic, and natural fertility programs.

Our spacious 3600 SQF, Bloor-Yorkville clinic is conveniently located in downtown Toronto, at the corner of Bay and Bloor Streets, above the Bay subway station. 





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shiatsu massage on low backShiatsu 

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massage on woman's backMassage Therapy

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kampo-herbal-medicineKampo & TCM

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Vitamin Nutrition supplements

Naturopathic Medicine

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The Pacific Wellness InstituteNutrition Consultation

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HRV BiofeedbackBiofeedback

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Featured Articles 


Adjunctive Cancer Care Introduction

by Wendy Zhou, ND, Toronto Naturopath

Living with a diagnosis is not an easy feat – one of the most common feelings for both patients and their families is the feeling of helplessness. Read more…


Modern Chiropractic

by Ron Green, DC,  Toronto Chiropractor

Why does virtually every professional sports team have a chiropractor and why are chiropractors in over 100 hospitals? Read more…


Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles for Preventing Common Cold and Flu

by Saima Anto, M.A., R.Ac, R.TCMP, Toronto Acupuncturist


Sleeping Well in Late Summer

by Barbara Adach, R.Ac, Toronto Acupuncturist


Why incorporate Therapeutic Ultrasound into a Massage Treatment

 by Linda Chang, RMT, Toronto Massage Therapist


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The ART and SCIENCE OF Acupunctureindex4
Read the history of acupuncture, find the latest anthropological discoveries on acupuncture use, view a microscopic photo of an acupuncture needle, learn how acupuncture can restore your health, and examine the scientific explanation why painless Japanese acupuncture works. MORE


Treatment Programs


Stress Anxiety ClinicAnxiety, Sleep, and Stress Clinic  

by Registered Acupuncturists

In this age and society, we cannot avoid stress. Rather than only focusing on avoiding stress, it is important to address our innate capabilities to recover efficiently from a stress response. 




Acupuncture model male and female head shot - Fertility acupuncture clinicNatural Fertility Clinic

by Registered Acupuncturists

A number of patients have been receiving our fertility acupuncture procedures to enhance their chance of successful pregnancy.





Female suffering headache - Headache Migraine ClinicHeadache and Migraine Clinic  

by Registered Acupuncturists

At our Toronto clinic, acupuncture and moxibustion have been used to treat headaches and migraines for over 20 years.





woman having back massageCombined Therapeutic Massage Treatments (RMT Massage, Certified Reflexology, Certified Shiatsu)

by Registered Massage Therapists (RMT)

our Registered Massage Therapists also have additional certifications in Reflexology and/or Shiatsu treatment.  It is possible to combine any of these body work treatments to create the ultimate relaxation experience. 


Woman having knee pain during runningSports Injury and Conditioning Clinic

by Registered Acupuncturists

For many years, acupuncture has been used to treat various types of muscular pain. While acupuncture can be a useful tool in recovering from acute injuries, more and more athletes are using acupuncture to treat chronic injuries as well as in their regular conditioning.







Research Center



Review our previous research and most recent findings and advancements.





Commonly Treated Health Conditions

Here is a selected list of health concerns commonly treated by our experienced Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, and Chiropractic Doctors in our Toronto clinic. 


Low Back Pain

What are the causes and treatment of back and spinal disk injuries: There is a combination of both well-known and lesser-known factors involved.




Natural Weight Control and Body Shaping

Our program is designed to help you burn fat while maintaining lean body mass.  A unique blend of ancient healing techniques with the latest innovations in applied physiology and nutritional science provides.



There are many more conditions that our acupuncture and alternative therapy professionals may be able to help you with.

Click Here for a list of conditions we treat in our Toronto clinic