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We are an Official Nominee for the 2018 Top Choice Award

The Pacific Wellness Institute is proud to announce that we are an Official Nominee for the 2018 Top Choice Award.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to nominate us!


Voting is now open


If you feel that we have earned your vote, we would appreciate you taking the time to vote for us.

Your vote will automatically enter you into a draw for a chance to win $2000 in cash or one of many Toppy T-shirts.

You can vote for us here or through Facebook and Twitter via Otherwise, you can contact Top Choice Awards via email or phone to vote for us. Voting ends January 2nd, 2018.

Thank you for your time and appreciate your vote!

Time is Running Out! Use Your Insurance Benefits Now

Body massage and spa treatment in modern salon with candles. Body care concept, masseur hands close up

The end of year is around the corner and this means that the busy Holiday Season of December is approaching.

Now is the last opportunity to schedule your appointments for 2017 before the busy times.  If your employee benefits run by a calendar year and you wish to take a full advantage of them, you must have your treatments before the end of December.  Any unused benefits for this calendar year will NOT be transferred to the following year. 

Massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, reflexology, nutrition consultation, and naturopathic medicine are often covered by many extended insurance plans.

If you are not certain about how much unused coverage you might have for this year, or what services your plan covers, please check with your insurance provider now and plan your appointments.



time notice on a calendar


While most people think booking online is the way to go, this is not always true.

For appointments on the same day or the next day, we strongly recommend that you book by phone.  Before making a phone call, please check your calendar and prepare a few alternative options that could work for you.  Being specific on the phone will make your experience fast and efficient.

If you prefer to book online, please use the online appointment request form which is very specific about your choices and minimizes unnecessary lengthy email exchange.